Monday, November 19, 2007

Marriage Monday

I was home last week and spent some time watching Oprah. She had a couple on the show who had spent the past 40 years writing love letters to each other - every day! Their letters, according to Oprah consisted of three parts:
Part 1: How I feel today."Dear Alton," Patricia wrote after a fight. "I still feel separated from you because of last night.""I feel honored you think I'm a great parent," Alton wrote.
Part 2: "I love you because…""I love you for giving the children their baths," Patricia wrote."I love you for fixin' my supper plate tonight," Alton wrote. "It was good."
Part 3: A question of the day.Alton says these questions could be, "How do I feel when you're sick? How do I feel when you're short with the children? How do I feel when you do something special for me?"

I wondered how this would work for many couples and decided to do some research. Here's an article from Marriage Partnership Journal that suggests something similar. Penning a Marriage: The Power of Interactive Journaling. I think anything that gets couples talking is a good thing, and maybe by writing instead of speaking couples can open up without worrying about interruptions, immediate reactions, or being overheard.

Give it a try!

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