Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Favorite Christmas Moments

My Favorite Christmas Moments

1. Playing “tea set” with my two year old granddaughter
2. Listening to my 22 month old grandson singing Jingle Bells
3. Hearing my three year old grandson imitating Louis Armstrong’s “Zat you Santa Claus?”
4. Grandma’s crazy white elephant gifts
5. Watching my son and daughter-in-law in their church musical “Two from Galilee.”
6. Visiting my father-in-law and his new wife at their home for their first married Christmas together.
7. Getting a “special gift” from my two year old granddaughter…who when asked what they should get nana for Christmas responded a turtle AND a diet coke!
8. Listening to Christmas Carols
9. Seeing the Christmas lights at Opryland Hotel in Nashville
10. Journeying through the Christmas story in a sermon series at our church called the Journey Home.
11. Hosting “Tables of Six” Christmas brunch at the women’s Bible study I have taught for the past two years.
12. Eating Christmas goodies (Make it stop!!!)
13. Going to church services with my daughter’s family in Nashville and my son’s family at our new church in Bourbonnais.

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Chris said...

I love the picture/banner on your blog. Just beautiful. and your TT's are very hartwarming. Thanks for sharing your holidays!

Angela Klocke said...

#7 cracked me up! :D

Michelle O. said...

What wonderful memories! It sounds like you had a great Christmas.

Linda R. Moore said...

Sounds like a lovely celebration, full of peace and love. :)


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MondaythroughSunday said...

LOVE..having tea parties..young or older...#12...I so know what you mean!! Sounds like you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!!

Mishi the Secret Agent Mama said...

Your holiday was definitely well spent! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Cathy said...

We love that song, "Is Zat You Santa Claus"!

Harris Channing said...

You sure did have a beautiful holiday.

Happy New Year!


Nicholas said...

#3 is adorable!