Monday, February 18, 2008

Marriage Monday

Every family has a personality. I'm sure you have seen it. Some families love each other deeply but fight all the time. Others are quiet, stoic, and seldom express emotons. Some are touchy/feely - they hug and kiss at every meeting and parting. Others slap each other on the back or shake hands but would never think of kissing their relatives.

The family that we grow up in has a profound effect on our expectations of family life. We walk into marriage expecting our newly formed family to operate the way our family of origin did, and we are often shocked to learn that our new spouse has their own, different, expectations!

That is when the "fun" begins! Bringing two individuals with different expectations together to form their own, unique, family personality. So, what does a couple do when they find that their expectations collide? Taking time to look at how your individual families of origin operated and what you and your spouse learned about life from them will help you begin to understand that your spouse does not do the things they do to drive you crazy! And different does not equal wrong!

Here are some topics to talk about:

How Christmas is celebrated
Who pays the bills
How birthdays are celebrated
How money is spent
How chores are divided
How conflicts are resolved
Who makes the final decisions

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