Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I was at a friend's house last week and she checked out this blog. She had a strong reaction to my blog on May 28th, Get Moving! She told me that most of the world is moving too fast already and they need to slow down. I know that she is right about most of society, but for me, the call to get moving is important. Since I am only working part time and my personality type is one that would rather take a nap than do anything else, I need to motivate myself to move. I find myself watching decorating shows, checking my e-mail, and not really accomplishing much. So, this week I went out and bought a speaker for my ipod. How does that help me get moving you ask? When I should be reading I put on some instrumental music. When I should be cleaning the house I put on some oldies like Helen Reddy's I Am Woman. When I need to get organized I put on some praise music. I have accomplished more in the last two days than I have in weeks. Now I need some music that will make me feel like exercising. Any suggestions?

Self Discipline = "The ability to make yourself do what you should, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not." Elbert Hubbard


cissi said...

Exercise to "Dance with me" Michael Buble. or Gloria Gaynor'e "I will survive" Works for me.

Diana Bartling, MA, LCPC said...


I love Michael Buble, and haven't thought about Gloria Gaynor in years...good suggestions! Thanks!