Thursday, July 12, 2007

Six Characteristics Strong Families Share

  1. Commitment

  2. Expressions of Appreciation/Affection

  3. Share Positive Communication

  4. Spend Large Amounts of Time Together

  5. Nurture Spiritual Well Being

  6. Cope Successfully with Stress & Crisis

· Dedication to the Marriage Relationship
· Commitment to Each Individual in the Family
· Commitment to Putting the Family First
· Commitment to Honesty
· Commitment to Family Traditions
· Commitment to the “Long Haul”

Expressions of Appreciation/Affection
· Need to be appreciated one of the most important human needs
· Gives each person dignity and worth (or takes away if withheld)
· Affection—Both verbal and physical

Share Positive Communication
· Spend large amounts of time talking with each other, creating a sense of belonging
· Positive communication allows for successful conflict resolution

Spend Large Amounts of Time Together
· Leads to good communication
· Prevents isolation, loneliness, and discourages alienation
· Provides a family identity
· Nurtures Relationships

Nurture Spiritual Well Being
· Celebrate religious traditions & rituals as a family
· Share religious heritage of the family
· Pray and meditate together as a family
· Study God’s Word together

Cope Successfully with Stress & Crisis
· Learns to keep things in perspective
· Lets go lets God
· Focuses on something bigger than self
· Has a sense of humor
· Takes one step at a time

Adapted from Family Treasures, Creating Strong Families, 2006

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