Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tip Thursday

So, it is the middle of July...summer vacation is half over, and the kids are bored. What do you do? Get the family together with a decorative jar, strips of 1"x 3" paper, and your imaginations. Brainstorm together to create a family fun jar with activities that involve everyone in the family. Then, once a week draw a strip of paper from the jar and have some family fun.

Here's a list of activities to get you started:

  1. Have a progressive dinner...with each course at a different fast food restaurant.
  2. Go out for ice cream
  3. Do a jigsaw puzzle together
  4. Trade places...have the kids be the parents for an evening
  5. Go miniature golfing
  6. Shovel the neighbors driveway together
  7. Bake and decorate cookies...and then take them to a local nursing home
  8. Plan a family the back yard
  9. Catch fireflies
  10. Go to the airport to watch the planes land
  11. Make homemade ice cream
  12. Blow bubbles when the temperature dips below freezing (They freeze!)
  13. Have a Make Your Own Pizza night with English muffins and lots of toppings
  14. Camp out in the back yard


Sara said...

Some really great tips! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping by my blog. (I'm here with my blogger account but my blog has moved to:

creole said...

I read a blog called The Simple Dollar, and today he wrote about things to do on a "Money Free Weekend." Some of my favorites were having a yard sale, volunteering your time, taking a wandering walk, taking photographs, and learning to juggle (haha). See the whole post at


Diana Bartling, MA, LCPC said...

Thanks for the link to The Simple Dollar! I'll have to check it out regularly!