Monday, August 6, 2007

Marriage Monday

In a national survey of married couples, researchers found that, on average, we spend less than three minutes of meaningful conversation together in a typical day. In the midst of jobs, kid’s activities, hobbies and television we lose touch with each other. We may be talking, but we aren’t really conversing when most of our conversations are just monosyllables during dinner or coordinating our children’s events. We may say our marriage is a priority, but we often devote our time to everything but our marriage.

So, how do we reconnect with our spouses? Meaningful conversation is telling your spouse where you are—intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Set aside a night each week to tune into out the world, tune into each other and focus on the reality of your own lives. Here are some questions to get you talking!

  • What was your most embarrassing moment?
  • What is your favorite song? food? color?
  • How would you rate our marriage on a scale of 1 to 10? Why?
  • Who is your favorite relative?
  • Do you think I do a good job of listening to you? What could I do better?
  • What is your favorite way to spend an evening? A weekend?
  • If we inherited a lot of money, how do you think we should spend it?
  • What do I do that makes you laugh?
  • What personal improvements do you want to make in your life?
  • If you could go back and relive one day of your life, what would it be?

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